The Art of Packing a Box

Art of Packing a Box

Watching a scene from a sitcom where the character picks up a box full of stuff and realizes at the end that the bottom of it falls out can be entertaining. Being in this scene in reality will never be amusing but frustrating. Imagine an expensive set of dishes break into pieces as they fall out from the box. Packing can be exhausting and time consuming. Packing needs to have skills and strategies in order to have it done right. In other words, packing things inside the box is an art.

Packing and organizing may take time, but keep in mind that everything done is for the benefit of the stuff to be safe when a professional mover is hired or perhaps keeping it in a safe rented storage. The first rule in packing is to keep the bottom of the box secure. It is important to tape the seam of the box. In addition run the tape perpendicular to it, to prevent things from falling out. Newspapers or packing paper can be used to pad the bottom and to stuff the sides of the box. This allows the box to be solid and strong. Wrap whatever item individually with packing paper or newspaper. Once all the items are in the box, it is now ready to shut it with tape. Put the label on the sides of the box with the contents in it.

Never mix things together in the same box. Say when packing for stuff for the kitchen, it is not right to include garden tools in it. This will add confusion the moment when it is unpacked. Similar items should be packed in the same box. The boxes have to be filled up to the brim. Kitchen towels and washcloths come in handy by putting them in all the spaces available in the box. Thereby, it will prevent the things inside the box from moving, breaking and mixing together. Again, do not forget to put the label to indicate whether or not it’s fragile or perhaps keeping the box up by putting an arrow sign on it.

Glass items are the most sensitive to pack. It takes skills to keep them into pieces when time would come to unpack the box. Keep in mind that each dishes or glass item has to be packed individually with a packing paper or newspaper. Large glass items should be placed at the bottom while the small delicate ones will be on top. Stuff the empty spaces inside the box with towels and washcloths to prevent them from shaking or moving inside. Should it be difficult to pack these items, it is best to contact an expert to pack and store them right.

The moment you decide to move, it is advisable to start packing ahead of time, perhaps a month or two can be enough to pack all the things needed to be brought. It may be annoying and distracting with all the boxes inside the house, contacting a professional self storage company to keep the stuff safe.


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