Surprising Storage Tips To Maximize Your Unit

There are plenty of reasons why you would rent a self storage unit. It could be to store last Holiday’s decorations; or you simply want more space for all your excess stuff. These days, lots of self storage companies offer various rooms for your convenience. Some are as small as a one-bedroom unit, the rest are big enough for two houses.

Woman with Moving Boxes

By now you’re probably aware of the basics (boxes, bubble wrap, no hazardous materials, etc.), but did you know that there’s still several storage secrets you might not have heard of? These little tricks can add value to your space; thus, getting more bang for your buck.

Make the most out of your storage space.

Facility experts share some of their valuable knowledge gained over the years. Take a look at these practical suggestions:

  • Don’t throw away your mattress covers! These will help keep your bed clean and dust-free once you stow it away. However, if you did manage to throw it out, two good-fitting sheets can do the job.
  • Cardboard boxes and containers are the best materials for safekeeping. That’s because they are breathable; allowing your items to stay fresh instead of trapping moisture.
  • Did you know that dryer sheets can ward off insects, spiders and other tiny critters from your valuables? Just put them in the corners of your boxes, or in front of your storage unit. It will also keep your stuff smelling clean! But you will need to change them every month if you want the effect to last.
  • If you rented a small space, just stack the boxes vertically to save up room. Be sure they are pretty much the same weight and size – otherwise, they could topple over. For couches, you can let it stand vertically and then position the boxes next to it as a guard. Be extra cautious when doing this.
  • Create an aisle so you can have space to move around. This works for small or large units. If your rented locker is huge enough, you can even make two to three aisles. This lets you arrange your belongings without removing most of the stuff should you need to store something again.
  • Be careful when storing sensitive things such as electronics. If you can’t get temperature-controlled units, avoid removing them during the dead of Winter. Cold weather can damage valuables like flat screen TVs and laptops. If it can’t be helped, let your gadget sit for 48 hours in room temperature before plugging it in for use.
  • As much as possible, leave a bit of space between your boxes and the walls of your storage locker. Use wood pallets to keep them off the floor as well. This creates ventilation to prevent mold or mildew growth.

A little preparation can go a long way. Why not ask your self storage coordinator or manager for more tips? With these pointers, you can definitely make the most out of your Calgary Storage Units experience.


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