Storage Tips: Mistakes That You Should Avoid

storing itemsDuring moving day, there are lots of things that stess you out already because of some mistakes that you can actually avoid. This includes not hiring a reputable and trusted self storage company. Here are the other item storage tips that you must avoid regardless if you’re planning to move out to a new neighborhood or getting a new space in your home.

Not Creating A Floor Plan or Blueprints

This is very essential if you’re planning to move. A floor plan will serve as a guide whether you’re just renting storage unit to be placed in your home or store items on a truck. It’s a big help to know where you keep the items in a storage units and it will make it easy for you to locate it as well. With a blueprint, accidents will be reduced and you won’t be having a hard time unpacking your valuables too!

Choosing A Bad Box

The kind of box you use in packing matters a lot too. There are boxes that are not really comfortable to store items. And always remember that there are boxes appropriate for your valuables too. You must consider the size of your belongings and make sure it suits well with your choice of boxes.

fragile items

You Didn’t Store Fragile Items Properly

Vases, Plates, Chandeliers, porcelain, these are considered fragile items and you must keep them properly. How? In storing them, make sure that they are protected by several centimeters of bubble wrap or Styrofoam perhaps. As much as possible, store them in one container or box alone. Do not stack anything from them because you’ll leave it broken for sure.

Image Credit: mydecorative(dot)com
Image Credit: buzzfeed(dot)com


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