Storage Tips: Mistakes That You Should Avoid

storing itemsDuring moving day, there are lots of things that stess you out already because of some mistakes that you can actually avoid. This includes not hiring a reputable and trusted self storage company. Here are the other item storage tips that you must avoid regardless if you’re planning to move out to a new neighborhood or getting a new space in your home.

Not Creating A Floor Plan or Blueprints

This is very essential if you’re planning to move. A floor plan will serve as a guide whether you’re just renting storage unit to be placed in your home or store items on a truck. It’s a big help to know where you keep the items in a storage units and it will make it easy for you to locate it as well. With a blueprint, accidents will be reduced and you won’t be having a hard time unpacking your valuables too!

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Surprising Storage Tips To Maximize Your Unit

There are plenty of reasons why you would rent a self storage unit. It could be to store last Holiday’s decorations; or you simply want more space for all your excess stuff. These days, lots of self storage companies offer various rooms for your convenience. Some are as small as a one-bedroom unit, the rest are big enough for two houses.

Woman with Moving Boxes

By now you’re probably aware of the basics (boxes, bubble wrap, no hazardous materials, etc.), but did you know that there’s still several storage secrets you might not have heard of? These little tricks can add value to your space; thus, getting more bang for your buck.

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Reasons for Using Self-Storage Units

Storage UnitsThere are going to be times wherein you’ll run out of room to store your stuff. If those things are only clothes, a closet might do the trick. But what if your car needs to be stored because your house is being renovated? Where can you put it? Calgary self storage lockers offer rentals for people’s belongings. There are times that you want to hide things that you do not need at the moment. This is the reason why self storage services are popular. There are even self storage facilities that allow access to you at a particular time. Those items come in a variety of sizes and there have also been different kinds of storage units that you can utilize. Basically, if you have run out of space to store your belongings, a self storage unit is what you need. Continue reading

Different Types of Storage Units for Different Needs

Self Storage UnitsWhether you want a space to store your furniture, or just an extra space where you can put your extra documents, you can enjoy the convenience of renting a self storage unit in order for you to stash all your old belongings that clutter around your house. A self storage can provide an excellent facility where people can store all sorts of things, from books to cars on rent for a few weeks, even months. There are different kinds of storage units that are specifically designed to meet the different needs of people. If you have decided to stash your valuable possessions, then it becomes imperative to choose an excellent unit that would match your requirements. Below are the different types of self storage units that you may choose from, considering your own needs.

Climate Controlled Self Storage

This unit is very popular around the world. It also maintains a perfect temperature inside the building that would ensure that your precious items will not get damaged because of dryness and extreme humidity. Though stashing your possessions in this kind of unit facility might be a bit expensive, you will be guaranteed of an extra protection from extreme weather conditions. One of its main benefits is that it keeps a regular tab on the outside weather round the clock.

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Making the Most Out of Your Storage Space

storage tipsCollectors, businessmen and citizens who have accumulated a lot of stuff over the years may find the services of self-placed storage facilities very important. May it be for personal or business need, it is very important to make the most out of it because like any other venture that involves finances, you need to be able to make it worth spending. Haphazardly stowing away your stuff may lead to unwanted complications, so with that said, here are simple ways in making the most out of them:

Before anything else, pick a unit suited to your current and long-term needs

The size of the unit is the most important factor in stowing away your possessions. You need to be able to get the right fit, although getting one that is a little bigger than what you actually need is highly encouraged. Aside from the main purpose of storing, you need ample space to work around and maneuver without having to displace other commodities. Aside from convenience, it is also an important safety measure, as having too much stuff inside may result into unwanted accidents, like self-storage unit avalanche, perhaps? Continue reading

Self Storage Facilities for Personal and Commercial Needs

Self Storage Facilities

When you know that you have more items than the available space you have in your household, then you may consider renting self storage facilities. Given the right circumstance, renting a storage facility can be pretty valuable where you can keep your excess belongings. In fact, this can be a good deal of investment. However, there are important factors that need to be considered to get the most out of it without the need to spend a large amount of money.

Initially, be sure to throw your clutter away when choosing a self-storage facility. Store only those you need to maintain and would be of importance sooner or later. When doing this, you might find out that you actually have lesser excess things, and thus, you can opt to rent a smaller unit which would allow you to save a considerable amount of money for the monthly rent. The problem is that most people, considering a busy lifestyle can not spare some of their time to organize their things and end up having more than how much they actually have. On the other hand, it is inevitable that there would really be a time when things are just so difficult to dispose. And the best thing that we can do about it is to keep them in a storage facility where they are safe and are accessible anytime.

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The Art of Packing a Box

Art of Packing a Box

Watching a scene from a sitcom where the character picks up a box full of stuff and realizes at the end that the bottom of it falls out can be entertaining. Being in this scene in reality will never be amusing but frustrating. Imagine an expensive set of dishes break into pieces as they fall out from the box. Packing can be exhausting and time consuming. Packing needs to have skills and strategies in order to have it done right. In other words, packing things inside the box is an art.

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